Vending Repair

Vending Machine Repairs

Our response times and fault clearance rates will consistently exceed your expectations. We understand the importance of a prompt, professional response. As our point of contact, you are often the first port of call for any problems on site – we want to make your problems go away!

Equipment Ranges

Our technical team are experienced in a wide range of vending, water and coffee equipment. Our uniformed professional engineers carry out a wide range of work, from simple filter changes, to a full rebuilds on automatic bean-to-cup machines.

Payment Solutions

We are experienced with a wide range of cashless and contactless payment solutions, including coin mechanisms, staff card/entry systems, and wave and pay.

Substitute Equipment

Our first-fix rates are excellent. However, from time to time extensive work is required. Where we expect your equipment to be out of action for more than 24 hours, we can provide you with an alternative coffee machine to guarantee your service.

Expert Advice

Our technical staff do more than repair equipment. They play an important role in providing feedback to all of our manufacturers. Feedback on equipment informs our sales team and allows us to ensure that we are constantly updating our range with the best equipment on the market.

Professional Reporting

All of the equipment that we manage is recorded on our Vendman management system. Vendman allows us to provide detailed reporting on every single machine, from fault and repair codes to response times. We want to demonstrate our quality of service to you!